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Change efforts that have a direct, positive impact on the bottom line have 6 key qualities in common:

1. The effort has strong buy-in at the top

• Senior leaders support the initiative.
• Executives lead by example through day-to-day behaviours and decisions.

2. People are centred around common values

• They have a clear understanding of where they are in strategic terms – and where they want to be.
• They have defined an ideal/actual model with clear strategies for how to close any gaps.
• Every division, team and individual knows their part, and feels committed to the desired results.

3. Change initiatives are team-driven

• Team building reinforces individual development and changes culture.
• When a group of people starts functioning more effectively, change momentum is underway.

4. Skills-based training is provided

• Employee training ensures concepts and language are understood by everyone, not just a group in the middle or at the top.
• Inclusion creates support for change by providing skills that allow people to contribute and “challenge up.”

5. Initiatives are measured

• Successful change initiatives use clearly defined metrics with which to gauge degree of success.

6. Management sticks to the plan

• Successful change initiatives take time; research shows they take at least three years to fully take root.

Obstacles to success

Change initiatives, no matter how well-intentioned, can fail without the right direction and support. Find out what you need to know to ensure success.

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