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For over 40 years, organizations have used the Grid process to bring about productive change. Robinson is the only Ontario-based firm accredited to deliver Grid International's Power to Change program of seminars and workshops.

What is Grid?

Developed over 40 years ago, Grid is the most extensively used organization development program in the world. Methodology is based on a proven theory of human behaviour that transcends cultural boundaries and fosters innovation and the desire to change.

The Grid itself is a framework for understanding various approaches to leadership, and how those different approaches can harness or impede potential. It has two components: Concern for Production and Concern for People, which are measured on a scale from 1 to 9.



How it works.
Concern for Production refers to commitment to expected outcome, such as number of units produced, time expended, sales volume, quality level - whatever a team is responsible for producing.

Concern for People refers to attitude towards superiors, peers or subordinates, and include concerns about job satisfaction, quality of work life, training/development, working conditions, salary structure, fringe benefits, job security, etc.

Grid theory identifies seven broad leadership styles. Identifying styles allows people to understand different approaches and their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Use a proven method for building leadership.

To learn more about Grid, visit Grid Seminars or Grid International.